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Declared for: 1st Quarter 2021


Do you have a particular savings goal in mind? Use our savings calculator to find out how long it will take to save up for your goal if you put money into an interest bearing account every month:
Savings Goal Calculator



Account Type Annual Percentage Yield Dividends Compounded
Share 0.25% APY Quarterly
Little Tikes Share 0.25% APY Quarterly
Kids Klub Share 0.25% APY Quarterly
Savvy Savers Share 0.25% APY Quarterly
Christmas Club 0.25% APY Annual
Share Draft 0.25% APY Monthly


Inactive Account Policy

Accounts with a balance less than $250.00 with no deposits, withdrawals or transfers within the previous 12 months are considered inactive. An Inactive Account Fee of $5.00 will be charged every quarter that the account remains inactive for members over 18 years old with no other type of account (i.e. loans, etc.).

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