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Fee Disclosure Schedule

Effective: April 1, 2019

ACH Transfer Fee FREE
Share Account Transfer (6 per month) FREE
Share Account Transfer (7 or more per month) $10.00 / transfer
Cashiers Check FREE
Deposited checks (and other items) returned unpaid $25.00
Same Day ACH Transfers $5.00
Check Printing Depends on Check Selection
Copy of Check $1.00
Stop Payment Fee (ACH / Check) $20.00
Nonsufficient ACH/Check Fee $35.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee (3 per month) FREE
ODP Transfers exceeding 3 per month $5.00 / each
Inactive Account Fee (charged quarterly) $5.00
Paper Statement Print Fee
(For members joining after 06/01/2017)
Returned Mail Fee $2.00
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing $25.00
Notary Service (members) FREE
Notary Service (non-members) $5.00
Loan Application Fees FREE
Lien Fee (UCC-1 Filing) $17.00
Lien/Title Fee State Filing Fee $20.00
Skip a Pay Fee $30.00
Internet Member Access FREE
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal $30.00
Premature Membership Account Closing
(Within 90 days of opening)
Debit Card - Intial Card is FREE and 1 per year is complimentary.  Replacements exceeding 1 per year $5.00
Gift Card Purchase * $2.50
Prepaid Reloadable Card * $5.00
Teller Loading of Prepaid Cards FREE

* Separate fee schedules for these products

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